Publications about the Euclid mission involving EC members

Last update Dec 26, 2015

Author Date Title Reference arXiv
Kalus et al 2016 Cosmological parameter inference from galaxy clustering: the effect of the posterior distribution of the power spectrum MNRAS 455, 2573 arXiv:1504.03979
Ascaso et al 2015 Apples to apples A2 – I. Realistic galaxy simulated catalogues and photometric redshift predictions for next-generation surveys MNRAS 453, 251 arXiv:1503.01113
Kashlinsky et al 2015 Lyman-tomography of Cosmic Infrared Background Fluctuations with Euclid: Probing Emissions and Baryonic Acoustic Oscillations at z ≳ 10 ApJ 813, 12 arXiv:1510.01620
Masters et al 2015 Mapping the Galaxy Color–Redshift Relation: Optimal Photometric Redshift Calibration Strategies for Cosmology Surveys ApJ 813, 53 arXiv:1509.03318
Pisani et al 2015 Counting voids to probe dark energy PhRvD 92, 3531 arXiv:1503.07690
Bianchi et al 2015 Measuring line-of-sight-dependent Fourier-space clustering using FFTs MNRAS 453, 11 arXiv:1505.05341
Holger et al 2015 How well can charge transfer inefficiency be corrected? A parameter sensitivity study for iterative correction MNRAS 453, 561 arXiv:1506.07831
Montanari & Durrer 2015 Measuring the lensing potential with tomographic galaxy number counts JCAP 10, 70 arXiv:1596.01369
Baker & Bull 2015 Observational Signatures of Modified Gravity on Ultra-large Scales ApJ 811, 116 arXiv:1506.00641
Leviton et al 2015 Temperature-dependent refractive index measurements of CaF2, Suprasil 3001, and S-FTM16 for the Euclid near-infrared spectrometer and photometer SPIE 9578
Kummel et al 2015 Source Detection and Classification in Euclid ASPC 495, 249
Pasian et al 2015 Organization of the Euclid Data Processing: Dealing with Complexity ASPC 495, 207
Martinet et al 2015 Constraining cosmology with shear peak statistics: tomographic analysis A&A 581, 101 arXiv:1506.02192
Aghanim & Baccigalupi 2015 Cosmological Surveys: From Planck to Euclid IAUGA 225565
Pitrou et al 2015 Weak lensing by the large scale structure in a spatially anisotropic universe: Theory and predictions PhRvD 92, 3501 arXiv:1503.01125
Kubik et al 2015 Predictive model of the temporal noise correlations in HgCdTe array NIMPA 787, 315
Castorina et al 2015 DEMNUni: the clustering of large-scale structures in the presence of massive neutrinos JCAP 07, 43 arXiv:1505.07148
Battye et al 2015 Constraining dark sector perturbations I: cosmic shear and CMB lensing JCAP 04, 48 arXiv:1409.4650
Archidiacono et al 2015 Future cosmological sensitivity for hot dark matter axions JCAP 05, 50 arXiv:1502.03325
Kitching et al 2015 3D weak gravitational lensing of the CMB and galaxies MNRAS 449, 2205 arXiv:1408.7052
Bel et al 2015 Cosmological tests of modified gravity: Constraints on F (R ) theories from the galaxy clustering ratio Phys Rev D 91, 3503 arXiv:1406.3347
Sami-Matias et al 2015 Measuring a charge-coupled device point spread function. Euclid visible instrument CCD273-84 PSF performance< /td>

ExA 39, 207 arXiv:1412.5382
Desai et al 2015 CosmoDM and its application to Pan-STARRS data JInst 10,6014 arXiv:1506.06912
Moresco, M. 2015 Raising the bar: new constraints on the Hubble parameter with cosmic chronometers at z ˜ 2< /td>

MNRAS 450, 16 arXiv:1503.01116
Ngole Mboula et al 2015 Super-resolution method using sparse regularization for point-spread function recovery A&A 575,86 arXiv:1410.7679
Byun & Bean 2015 Non-Gaussian shape discrimination with spectroscopic galaxy surveys JCAP 03,019B arXiv:1409.5440
Szafraniec et al 2015 On-ground characterization of the Euclid low noise CCD273 sensor for precise galaxy shape measurements J.Inst. 10,1030
Cardone et al 2015 Mass-concentration relation and weak lensing peak counts A&A 574, 141 arXiv:1409.5601
Grassi et al 2014 A test of the Suyama-Yamaguchi inequality from weak lensing MNRAS 442, 1068 arXiv:1307.4181
Laureijs et al 2014 Euclid mission status SPIE 9143,0H
Gaspar Venancio et al 2014 Euclid payload module: telescope characteristics and technical challenges SPIE 9143,0I
Cropper et al 2014 VIS: the visible imager for Euclid SPIE 9143,0J
Maciaszek et al 2014 Euclid near infrared spectrophotometer instrument concept and first test results at the end of phase B SPIE 9143,0K
Toledo-Moreno et al 2014 The control unit of the near infrared spectrograph of the EUCLID space mission: preliminary design SPIE 9143,2W
Grupp et al 2014 The EUCLID NISP tolerancing concept and results SPIE 9143,2X
Martignac et al 2014 Thermomechanical architecture of the VIS focal plane for Euclid SPIE 9143,2Y
Giusi et al 2014 Euclid: image compression activities for the VIS instrument SPIE 9143,2Z
Ligori et al 2014 Design of the on-board application software for the instrument control unit of Euclid-NISP SPIE 9143,30
Corcione et al 2014 The data processing unit of the NISP instrument of the Euclid mission SPIE 9143,31
Serjeant S. 2014 Up to 100,000 Reliable Strong Gravitational Lenses in Future Dark Energy Experiments ApJ 793,10 arXiv:1409.0539
Moresco et al 2014 Disentangling interacting dark energy cosmologies with the three-point correlation function MNRAS 443,2874 arXiv:1312.4530
Astier et al 2014 Extending the supernova Hubble diagram to z ~ 1.5 with the Euclid space mission A&A 572, 80 arXiv:1409.8562
Mc Donald et al 2014 ExELS: an exoplanet legacy science proposal for the ESA Euclid mission – II. Hot exoplanets and sub-stellar systems MNRAS 445,4137 arXiv:1410.0363
Joseph et al 2014 A PCA-based automated finder for galaxy-scale strong lenses A&A 566, 63 arXiv:1305.7031
Avgoustidis et al 2014 Cosmological effects of scalar-photon couplings: dark energy and varying-α Models JCAP 06, 62 arXiv:1305.7031
Sapone et al 2014 Curvature versus distances: Testing the FLRW cosmology PRD 90, 3012
Kummel et al 2014 Testing Photometric Methods in the Euclid Testbed ASPC 485, 513 – ADASS XXIII
Zoubian et al 2014 Instrument Simulations of the EUCLID/NISP Spectrometer ASPC 485, 509 – ADASS XXIII
Laureijs et al 2014 The Euclid Mission: Cosmology Data Processing and Much More ASPC 485, 495 – ADASS XXIII
Pasian et al 2014 Development Plans for the Euclid Science Ground Segment ASPC 485, 505 – ADASS XXIII
Piazza et al 2014 Phenomenology of dark energy: exploring the space of theories with future redshift surveys JCAP 05, 43 arXiv:1312.6111
Lima et al 2014 Constraining Recent Oscillations in Quintessence Models with Euclid MNRAS 441, 3231 arXiv:1305.0761
Calabrese et al 2014 Dark energy coupling with electromagnetism as seen from future low-medium redshift probes PRD 89, 3509 arXiv:1311.5841
Viola et al 2014 On the probability distributions of ellipticity MNRAS 439, 1909 arXiv:1309.7844
Di Dio et al 2014 Cosmological parameter estimation with large scale structure observations JCAP 01, 042 arXiv:1308.6186
Calura et al 2014 The dust content of QSO hosts at high redshift MNRAS Feb 2014 arXiv:1312.1087
Shi et al 2014 How well do third-order aperture mass statistics separate E- and B-modes? A&A 561, 68 arXiv:1311.7035
Shapiro et al 2013 Weak Gravitational Lensing Systematics from Image Combination PASP 125, 1496 arXiv:1310.339
La Vacca & Mota 2013 Mass-varying neutrino in light of cosmic microwave background and weak lensing A&A 560, 53 arXiv:1205.6059
Barriere et al 2013 Cryomechanism: a cryogenic rotating actuator SPIE 8863, 05
Moresco et al 2013 Spot the difference. Impact of different selection criteria on observed properties of passive galaxies in zCOSMOS-20k sample A&A 558, 61 arXiv:1305.1308
Kummel et al 2013 Early Photometry Studies for Euclid ASPC 475,357
Appleby et al 2013 Cluster probes of dark energy clustering PRD 88, 043526> arXiv:1305.6982
Amendola et al 2013 Cosmology and fundamental physics with the Euclid satellite (updated version) LRR 16, 6 arXiv:1206.1225
Joachimi et al 2013 Intrinsic galaxy shapes and alignments – II. Modelling the intrinsic alignment contamination of weak lensing surveys MNRAS 436,819 arXiv:1305.5791
Codis S. et al 2013 Non-Gaussian Minkowski functionals and extrema counts in redshift space MNRAS 435,531 arXiv:1305.7402
Vanderveld A. 2013 Challenging the status quo with weak gravitational lensing APS APR B8009V
Beaulieu et al 2013 Space based microlensing planet searches EPJWC 4715001B arXiv:1303.6783
Carbone, C. 2013 Neutrino mass from future large scale structure surveys NuPhS 237, 50
Rowe et al 2013 Flexion measurement in simulations of Hubble Space Telescope data MNRAS 435,822 arXiv:1211.0966
Cerbolini et al 2013 Constraining neutrino properties with a Euclid-like galaxy cluster survey JCAP 06, 20 arXiv:1303.4550
Santos et al 2013 Neutrinos and dark energy constraints from future galaxy surveys and CMB lensing information PRD in press arXiv:1307.2919
Sapone et al 2013 Can dark energy viscosity be detected with the Euclid survey? PRD 88 3503 arXiv:1305.1942
Semboloni et al 2013 Effect of baryonic feedback on two- and three-point shear statistics: prospects for detection and improved modelling MNRAS 434, 148 arXiv:1210.7303
Penny et al 2013 ExELS: an exoplanet legacy science proposal for the ESA Euclid mission I. Cold exoplanets MNRAS 434, 2 arXiv:1206.5296
Semboloni et al 2013 On the shear estimation bias induced by the spatial variation of colour across galaxy profiles MNRAS 432, 2385 arXiv:1211.5025
Marian et al 2013 The cosmological information of shear peaks: beyond the abundance MNRAS 432 1338 arXiv:1301.5001
Cropper et al 2013 Defining a weak lensing experiment in space MNRAS 431, 3103 arXiv:1210.7691
Carbone et al 2013 Weak lensing peak count as a probe of f(R) theories MNRAS 430, 2896 arXiv:1204.3148
Massey et al 2013 Origins of weak lensing systematics, and requirements on future instrumentation (or knowledge of instrumentation) MNRAS 429, 661 arXiv:1210.7690
Romano et al 2012 Weak Lensing halo detection by Euclid MSAIS 19 277
Cimatti et al 2012 Euclid: a space survey mission for dark energy and high precision cosmology. MSAIS 19 314
Gow et al 2012 Assessment of proton radiation-induced charge transfer inefficiency in the CCD273 detector for the Euclid Dark Energy Mission SPIE 8453.16
Clarke et al 2012 Device modelling and model verification for the Euclid CCD273 detector SPIE 8453.1
Crouzet et al 2012 Characterization of HAWAII-2RG detector and SIDECAR ASIC for the Euclid mission at ESA SPIE 8453.1
Boudin et al 2012 Preliminary results of CCD characterisation at ESA in support of the Euclid visible channel SPIE 8453.23
Majerotto et al 2012 Probing deviations from general relativity with the Euclid spectroscopic survey MNRAS 424.1392 arXiv:1205.6215
Amendola et al 2012 Cosmology and fundamental physics with the Euclid satellite (2013: updated from 2012) Living Rev. Relativity 16, 6 arXiv:1206.1225
Laureijs et al 2012 Euclid: ESA’s mission to map the geometry of the dark universe SPIE 8442,8
Pasian et al 2012 Science ground segment for the ESA Euclid Mission SPIE 8442,8
Di Giorgio et al 2012 The command and data processing unit of the EUCLID visible imager: impact of the data compression needs on the unit design SPIE 8442, 33
Amiaux et al 2012 Euclid mission: building of a reference survey SPIE 8442 arXiv:1209.2228
Prieto et al 2012 Euclid near-infrared spectrophotometer instrument concept at the end of the phase A study SPIE 8442
Mellier, Y. 2012 Euclid: Mapping the Geometry of the Dark Universe Science from the Next Generation Imaging and Spectroscopic Surveys, ESO Garching, 15-18 October 2012
Cropper et al 2012 VIS: the visible imager for Euclid SPIE 8442-28 arXiv:1208.3369
Trifoglio et al 2012 Design concept of the electrical ground support equipment for the AIV and calibration of the Euclid NISP instrument SPIE 8442-35
Morgante et al 2012 Euclid NISP thermal control design SPIE 8442-34
Riva et al 2012 Euclid NISP GWA and compensating mechanism SPIE 844211
Grange et al 2012 First optical tests of the Euclid grisms made by photolithography SPIE 8442
Grupp et al 2012 The optical baseline concept of the NISP near infrared spectrometer and photometer on board of the ESA/EUCLID satellite SPIE 8442
Valenziano et al 2012 Space-borne survey instrument operations: lessons learned and new concepts for the Euclid NISP instrument SPIE 8442
Gal et al 2012 Test results of high-precision large cryogenic lens holders SPIE 8442
Reutlinger et al 2012 Glue test results for high-precision large cryogenic lens holder SPIE 8442-28
Gal et al 2012 Glue test results for high-precision large cryogenic lens holder SPIE 8442
Corcione et al 2012 The on-board electronics for the near infrared spectrograph and photometer (NISP) of the EUCLID Mission SPIE 8442
Bonoli et al 2012 An end-to-end approach to the EUCLID NISP on-board pre-processing operations: tests and latest results SPIE 8442
Endicott et al 2012 Charge-coupled devices for the ESA Euclid M-class Mission SPIE 8442
Gow et al 2012 Assessment of space proton radiation-induced charge transfer inefficiency in the CCD204 for the Euclid space observatory J Inst. 7, 1030
Grupp et al 2011 The Euclid-NISP instrument optics and tolerancing approach SPIE 814 283
Holmes et al 2011 A filter mount for the Euclid mission SPIE 814 292
Beaulieu et al 2011 Towards habitable Earths with EUCLID and WFIRST IAUS 276 349
Semboloni et al 2011 Quantifying the effect of baryon physics on weak lensing tomography MNRAS 417 20205 arXiv:1105.1075
Laureijs et al 2011 Euclid Definition Study Report ESA report (Red Book) arXiv:1110.3193
Refregier, A. 2010 Euclid: the space mission to map the geometry of the dark universe Proc. COSPAR p.38 3656
Castander, F. J. 2010 The DUNE Mission Proc. HSA Conf. p.203
Balcells, M. 2010 The EUCLID-NIS Mission Proc. HSA Conf. p.469
Zamkotsian et al 2010 DMD chip space evaluation for ESA’s EUCLID mission SPIE 7596 12
Laureijs et al 2010 The Euclid Mission SPIE 7731 40
Bortoletto et al 2010 Euclid ENIS spectrograph focal-plane design SPIE 7731 88
Holmes et al 2010 The Euclid near-infrared calibration source SPIE 7731 90
Trifoglio et al 2010 The ground support equipment for the E-NIS instrument on-board the ESA-Euclid Dark Energy Mission in the baseline configuration presented in phase A SPIE 7731 92
Grange et al 2010 Opto-mechanical design of a DMD multislit spectrograph for the ESA Euclid Mission SPIE 7731 94
Holmes et al 2010 A filter wheel mechanism for the Euclid near-infrared imaging photometer SPIE 7739 39
Laureijs, R. 2010 Euclid: an ESA mission to map the geometry of the Dark Universe Proc. JENAM Conf. 2010 p.166
Refregier, A. 2010 Dark energy and Dark matter: the Euclid’s look at SKA Proc. JENAM Conf. 2010 p.233
Beaulieu et al 2010 EUCLID: Dark Universe Probe and Microlensing Planet Hunter ASPC 430 266 arXiv:1001.3349
Glauser et al 2010 An optical shutter for the Euclid imager SPIE 7739-115
Schweitzer et al 2010 NIP: the near infrared imaging photometer for Euclid SPIE 7731-43
Amiaux et al 2010 Euclid imaging channels: from science to system requirements SPIE 7731-41
Cropper et al 2010 VIS: the visible imager for Euclid SPIE 7731, 77311J
Cypriano et al 2010 Cosmic shear requirements on the wavelength dependence of telescope point spread functions MNRAS 405, 494 arXiv:1001.0759
Refregier and the DUNE Collaboration 2010 Euclid Imaging Consortium Science Book arXiv:1001.0061
Content et al 2010 EUCLID: design of the prism DMD NIR spectrograph SPIE 7731
di Giorgio et al 2010 The data handling unit of the Euclid imaging channels: from the observational requirements to the unit architecture SPIE 2010
Valenziano et al 2010 The E-NIS instrument on-board the ESA Euclid Dark Energy Mission: a general view after positive conclusion of the assessment phase SPIE 7731
Nichol, R. 2009 Dark Energy from Space AAS 21321402
Lumb et al 2009 Euclid Mission: assessment study SPIE 7436 3
Laureijs, R. 2009 Euclid Assessment Study Report for the ESA Cosmic Visions arXiv:0912.0914″
Spano et al 2009 DMD multi-object spectroscopy in space: the EUCLID study SPIE 7436
Refregier and the DUNE Collaboration 2009 The Dark UNiverse Explorer (DUNE): proposal to ESA’s cosmic vision ExA 23, 17 arXiv:0802.2522
Cimatti and the SPACE Collaboration 2009 SPACE: the spectroscopic all-sky cosmic explorer ExA 23, 39 arXiv:0804.4433
Content, R. 2008 Durham optical design of EUCLID, the merged SPACE/DUNE ESA Dark Energy Mission SPIE 7010 65
Refregier, Douspis and the DUNE Collaboration 2008 Summary of the DUNE mission concept SPIE 7010, 38 arXiv:0807.4036
Content et al 2008 Offspring of SPACE: the spectrograph channel of the ESA Dark Energy Mission EUCLID SPIE 7010-139
Booth et al 2008 The focal plane instrumentation for the DUNE mission SPIE 7010 42 arXiv:0807.4037
Refregier et al 2006 DUNE: the Dark Universe Explorer SPIE 6265, 58 arXiv:astro-ph/0610062

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