Euclid ConsortiumCareer Opportunities

Publication EC Institution Title Reference
Apr 16 2018 UCL, Departement of Physics and Astronomy, London , UK Post-doctoral position, Research Associate in cosmology to prepare the analysis of data from the ESA Euclid mission. EC096
Mar 02 2018 University of Nottingham, Nottingham, UK Post-doctoral position in cosmology to work on the measuring the properties and evolution of galaxies through cosmic time, with a particular focus on the Euclid Telescope EC095
Mar 01 2018 Laboratoire d’Astrophysique de Marseille, Marseille, France Post-doctoral position in cosmology to work on the primary science of the Euclid mission EC094
Feb 23 2018 University of Trieste, Physics Department, Trieste, Italy Post-doctoral position in cosmology to work on simulated galaxy catalogues for Euclid EC093
Feb 13 2018 Centre de Calcul de l’IN2P3/CNRS, Lyon Villeurbanne, France Scientific computing engineer in charge of computing support for the Euclid experiment EC092
Jan 26 2018 University of Portsmouth, Institute of Cosmology and Gravitation, Portsmouth, UK Professor of Cosmology, to work on astronomical surveys, in particular Euclid EC091
Jan 26 2018 CEA/IRFU, Saclay, France Scientific software position at CEA Saclay to work on the Euclid mission EC090
Nov 16 2017 Institute of Space Science (ICE), Barcelona, Spain Postdoctoral fellowship for cosmological simulations for the Euclid mission EC089
Oct 31 2017 Osservatorio Astronomico di Roma, Roma, Italy Post-doc position on Weak Lensing with Euclid EC088
Aug 21 2017 Lagrange laboratory, Mont-Gros (Nice Observatory), Nice, France Software engineer position for the scientific preparation of the Euclid mission EC087
Aug 12 2017 Astrophysics Group of the International School for Advanced Studies of Trieste (SISSA), Trieste, Italy Post-Doc position on Large Scale Structure and Cosmic Microwave Background Anisotropies in the Euclid Consortium. EC085

Last update Apr 16, 2018