Job Advert 79

May 31, 2017

    Position : Postdoctoral research position in observational cosmology with Euclid
    Location : University of Geneva, Department of Astronomy, Geneva, Switzerland
    Position status : Open
    Starting date : –
    Length of contract: Until May 2021, but be held only until 5 years after PhD
    Contact: Prof. Stéphane Paltani,
    Reference: Euclid Postdoc


Euclid is a mission of the European Space Agency’s (ESA) – see the Euclid Consortium page – with the goal of understanding the properties of the dark universe. It is planned for launch at the end of 2020. The Department of Astronomy has been involved in ground­ segment activities for space missions since 1995 with the creation of the INTEGRAL Science Data Centre; it is now involved in several other scientific missions. The Department of Astronomy is in particular an important member of the Euclid collaboration; it is hosting the Swiss Euclid Science Data Center and holds the responsibility of producing the photometric redshifts for the Euclid mission. The Postdoc is proposed in the framework of this collaboration.


We are looking for a young scientist with a Ph.D. in observational cosmology or galaxy evolution with a strong interest in data science. Experience with photometric surveys in the optical or infrared and the computation of photometric redshifts would be a great asset. The successful candidate is expected to perform research activities within the Euclid group, but may in addition conduct an independent research program in the field. He or she will in particular be involved in the development, testing and application of methods to compute photometric redshifts. He or she will become a member of the Euclid Consortium, and participate in meetings dedicated to this mission.

Demonstrated understanding in at least one of the following fields is mandatory: machine­learning algorithms, computer technologies, Bayesian statistics or data analysis methods, in particular related to observational cosmology or astrophysics in general.

Candidates should send a motivation letter, a curriculum vitae, a publication list and a description of research interests and plans to be sent to the e­mail address below. In addition two reference letters must be sent separately to the same e­mail address.

The position is funded until end of May 2021, but can be held only until 5 years after Ph.D.

All correspondence should be sent by e­mail, with the subject line containing ‘Euclid Postdoc’.

Applications will be accepted until the position is filled. For applications or for further information, please contact: Prof. Stéphane Paltani, .