Job Advert 093

Feb 23, 2018

    Position : Post-doctoral position in cosmology to work on simulated galaxy catalogues for Euclid
    Location : University of Trieste, Physics Department, Trieste, Italy
    Position status : Open until March 19, 2018
    Starting date : 2018
    Length of contract: 2 years
    Contacts: Pierluigi Monaco ( monaco at )


Euclid is a mission of the European Space Agency’s (ESA) – see the Euclid Consortium page – with the goal of understanding why the expansion of the Universe is accelerating and the properties of the dark universe (the nature of dark energy). It is planned for launch at the end of 2020.


The post-doc will be involved in a project within the Euclid Consortium, aimed at the calibration and utilization of approximate methods for the generation of simulated galaxy catalogs. In particular, he/she will be involved in two main line of research:

– 1) Test the accuracy with which some of these approximate methods determine the covariance of galaxy clustering measurements, in particular the power spectrum and bispectrum. It will be necessary to propagate this uncertainty down to the estimation of cosmological parameters.

– 2) Utilize these catalogs to study the impact on clustering of some known systematics, like galactic extinction. This will be done through the massive production of galaxy catalogs in the past light cone, the masking of these catalogs to simulate various systematics, the quantification of the involved uncertainties and their propagation down to cosmological parameters.

The successful applicant will demonstrate expertise in the analysis of galaxy clustering, either from the observational or from the theoretical point of view. We will consider candidates that are at the end of a PhD program.

Instructions for Application

Instructions for application are given here. Please contact Pierluigi Monaco( monaco at )for any further information.