News and announcements

2021-03-10 EC news Oslo Euclid Consortium Annual Meeting 2022
2020-07-09 EC ESA news The EC/VIS team, EC/NISP team and ESA announce the delivery of the VIS and NISP flight model instruments to ESA
2020-01-14 Arianespace and ESA news Arianespace and ESA announce the Euclid satellite’s launch contract for dark energy exploration
2019-09-19 Thales news ESA Euclid mission on track in Thales Alenia Space’ clean room
2019-09-19 ESA and Thales news Completion of the thermal and structural tests of the Euclid satellite at Thales Alenia Space in Cannes
2019-08-13 Thales news Thales Alenia Space delivers Euclid communications module
2019-07-23 ESA Science and Technology news Redesign pay off for Euclid’s near infrared detectors
2019-07-23 NASA JPL news NASA delivers hardware to the Euclid mission
2019-06-12 ESA-EC news The Euclid collaboration selected the Euclid Deep Fields
2019-06-04 EC news Helsinky Euclid Consortium Annual Meeting 2019
2019-05-22 EC news The Euclid newsletter #09 June 2019
2018-12-18 ESA news Key milestone for Euclid mission, now ready for final assembly
2018-11-15 ESA news a< href="">Euclid progresses with primary mirror delivery
2018-05-22 EC news The Euclid newsletter #08 May 2018
2018-02-13 EC news Bonn Euclid Consortium Annual Meeting 2018
2017-06-07 Joint EC, ICE (IEEC-CSIC), PIC, CSCS and University of Zurich Press Release Scientists of the Euclid Consortium announce the release of the largest
simulated galaxy catalogue ever built.
2017-05-27 EC news The Euclid newsletter #07 May 2017
2017-04-26 ESA news Detector delivery marks another Euclid milestone
2017-02-19 EC news London Euclid Consortium 2017 annual meeting: first annoucement
2017-02-08 ESA news First Euclid flight CCDs of the VIS instrument delivered by e2v
2017-01-16 EC news The Euclid newsletter #06 Jan 2017
2016-11-23 CNES news Green light to build the NISP instrument
2016-05-30 EC news Enjoy Euclid Consortium on Twitter and Facebook
2016-05-29 EC news The Euclid newsletter #05 Jun 2016
2016-03-15 EC news Lisbon Euclid Consortium 2016 annual meeting
2015-12-28 EC news The Euclid newsletter #04 Dec 2015
2015-12-17 ESA news Euclid Dark Universe Mission Ready to Take Shape
2015-04-20 EC news Lausanne Euclid Consortium 2015 annual meeting
2014-05-05 EC news Marseille Euclid Consortium 2014 annual meeting
2013-11-29 ESA announcement Multilateral agreement for Euclid has been signed at the SPC meeting, held on 28 Nov 2013.
2013-09-04 ESA Bulletin #155 Thales Alenia begins Euclid construction (page 61 and page 82)
2013-08-01 NASA PCOS Newsletter Physics of the Cosmos Newsletter presents Euclid
2013-07-08 ESA PR Thales Alenia Space Kicks off Euclid Construction
2013-06-27 Thales PR Thales Alenia Space wins prime contract for Europe’s Euclid cosmology satellite
2013-06-19 Last SPC meeting at ESTEC SPC endorsed the new Euclid Level Q data definition and releases propositions. More details to come.
2013-06-13 Astrium, Euclid and the geometry of the dark universe (from ex-Astrium now part Airbus Defense and Space division)
2013-06-11 ESA press release Euclid to probe dark universe with Astrium science module (from ex-Astrium now part of Airbus Defense and Space division)
2013-06-11 Astrium press release Astrium is awarded the Euclid Payload Module contract by ESA(from ex-Astrium now part Airbus Defense and Space division)
2013-05-12 EC news Leiden Euclid Consortium 2013 annual meeting
2013-04-28 EC news The Euclid newsletter #03 Apr 2013
2013-01-25 NASA press release NASA Officially Joins ESA’s ‘Dark Universe’ Mission
2013-01-24 ESA press release NASA Joins ESA’s ‘Dark Universe’ Mission
2012-11-20 EC news The Euclid newsletter #02 Nov 2012
2012-09-10 EC news Euclid Seminar: a school for engineers
2012-06-20 Euclid and others Scientific American
2012-06-20 ESA press release Euclid Mission Adopted by ESA
2012-06-20 EC news Adoption of the Euclid Mission
2012-06-12 EC news The Euclid newsletter #01 Jun 2012
2012-06-08 EC news EC members interviewed at the Euclid Mission Meeting in Copenhagen
2012-05-12 EC news Copenhagen Euclid Consortium 2013 annual meeting
2011-10-04 ESA press release Euclid selected by ESA for the Cosmic Vision program
2011-09-25 EC news Slides of the Bologna Euclid Consortium 2011 annual meeting
2011-07-25 The Euclid Definition Study Report (Euclid Red Book) has been issued

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