Scientific Publications

Euclid Consortium publications

Publications from within the EC are always published under the specific quality control of the EC Editorial Board, including an internal refereeing step. These can be both science results, as well as reference papers from throughout the mission planning and implementation. The EC is keeping a list of publications under its curation:

External and open Euclid publications

Publications can also be based on openly available information about Euclid, e.g. from published sources or eventually from from anyone in the astronomy community based on Euclid data release science data. These can be peer-reviewed journal articles or conference proceedings, and can include EC members. For these the EC is loosely curating an ADS library, without any warrantee for completeness:

General Euclid Publication Library on ADS.

Technical SPIE Publications by EC/ESA

During Euclid’s development, a substantial number of technical publications have appeared as proceedings of the SPIE. ESA is hosting a growing number of these as PDFs from the SPIE Digital Library:

Euclid SPIE publication page at ESA.

Updated 2023-05-15, KJ

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