Euclid Consortium: Equity, Diversity and Conduct

Euclid Consortium Diversity Committee (ECDC)


The Euclid Consortium Diversity Committee is in charge of monitoring various aspects of diversity within the consortium as well as proposing ways to foster an inclusive work environment. In particular, the ECDC will:

  • maintain a Code of Conduct for the EC;
  • make strategic recommendations for equality policy development and implementation and, where necessary, submit proposals for policy changes or initiatives to the EC Board;
    be included in the decision process (ranging from making process recommendations to monitoring functions) for hiring decisions for consortium-level management positions (e.g. work package leads, SWG leads); monitor statistics of the overall membership, as well as for the various leadership positions in the EC;
  • provide educational resources (best practices in fair hiring, unconscious bias, etc) for the members of the EC;
  • conduct periodic member climate surveys;
  • monitor the speaker composition at EC sponsored/supported meetings;
  • serve as a contact point for member concerns/suggestions. Any member who is aware of harassment, bullying or discrimination can reach out to any member of the ECDC. All complaints will be dealt with anonymously.
List of Current Members

Peter Coles, Chair, Ireland (peter.coles at
Shahab Joudaki, co-Chair, Canada (shahab.joudaki at
Chiara Sirignano, co-Chair, Italy (chiara.sirignano at
Mark Brodwin, USA (brodwinm at
Giuseppe Congedo, UK (giuseppe.congedo at
Helmut Dannerbauer, Spain (helmut at
Eleonora Di Valentino, UK (e.divalentino at
Florence Durret, France (durret at
Marc Huertas-Company, Spain ( at
Amandine Le Brun, France (amandine.le-brun at
Guillaume Mahler, UK (guillaume.mahler at
James Taylor, Canada (taylor at

ECDC Public Website

The ECDC public website detailing the ECDC activities and procedures can be found here:

EC Codes of Conduct & Sponsored Event Rules

EC Code of Conduct

The ECDC reminds all EC members that they must comply with the EC Code of Conduct at all times. EC members must also comply with the EC Meeting Code of Conduct during any EC event. The EC Code of Conduct and EC Meeting Code of conduct can be found on Redmine.

Euclid Consortium Sponsored Events Rules

Version 2.2
March 23 2023


The Euclid Consortium (EC) is a large collaboration composed of people from different backgrounds and cultures. The Euclid Consortium believes that having a fair representation of its diverse members in all its groups and working structures contributes to a healthy, pleasant and productive atmosphere that will help achieve its goals.

Unfortunately, not all the EC groups, activities and events have a fair representation of its members. In this document, the Euclid Consortium establishes a set of rules to ensure that all the events organised under the name of the Euclid Consortium are fairly represented.

Euclid Events

An event is considered a Euclid Consortium event when it is funded by Euclid related funds and/or the name and image of Euclid appears prominently. Examples of Euclid events are the Annual Euclid Collaboration meetings; National Euclid meetings; international conferences, workshops and meetings organized by the Euclid Consortium; Euclid Schools; open access meetings where the name and image of Euclid appears prominently or have been funded with Euclid related funds. These events normally have an Organising Committee (local and/or scientific) and may invite experts for lectures, scientific contributions or talks.


Euclid events shall comply with the following rules:

  • Before openly advertising the event, their organisers should contact the Euclid Consortium Diversity Committee (ECDC) to ensure that their committees, speakers, web pages or other public distributed material adhere to these rules.
  • Euclid events should adopt the Euclid Code of Conduct, that should be linked to the conference web page.
  • The organisers of Euclid events should try to make their LOC, SOC and speakers be representative of the Euclid Consortium composition.
  • Euclid Consortium members participating in the organisation of Euclid events should engage actively in their roles.
  • At the discretion of the organisers, the ECDC will be happy to provide direct help and support by having an ECDC committee member join their organizing committee.
  • All communication before, during and after the meeting (mails and web pages advertising the meeting, talks, slides, discussions) should be appropriate for a professional audience including people of many different backgrounds. Translations in national languages are, of course, appropriate.
  • If there are any doubts that any of the attendees do not understand the language used, the default language should be English. An anonymous poll should be taken BEFORE a meeting (not at the meeting) of attendees and only if the poll is unanimous in agreeing that a language other than English is ok should that be allowed.
  • The possibility of attending remotely the meeting should always be foreseen, to favour the participation of people that for any reasons cannot attend in person.

These rules should be adopted by all Euclid Consortium meetings, including the Internal meetings within the structures of Euclid like instrument groups, science working groups or science ground segment groups meetings, as long as a SOC/LOC and a WEB page (that also includes pages on Redmine only) are being set-up.

Updated: 2023-05-25: AMCLB

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