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Radio France (podcast in French, 2023-09-14): “Euclid, le télescope de l’univers sombre”, with Stéphanie Escoffier

Deutschlandfunk Kultur (podcast in German, Euclid from minute 22:58, 2023-08-31): “Dunkle Energie, Was steckt hinter der Supermacht im Universum?”, by Dirk Lorenzen

First Light

Radio France (podcast in French, 2023-08-03): “Pourquoi le télescope Euclid pourrait-il percer les mystères de la matière noire et de l’énergie sombre?, with Stéphanie Escoffier

Scientific American (2023-08-03): “Euclid Space Telescope Snaps Spectacular First Images”, by Monisha Ravisetti

The Register (2023-08-02): “After fears that Europe’s space scope was toast, its first images look mighty fine”, by Katyanna Quach

Smithsonian Magazine (2023-08-02): “See the First Stunning Test Images From the Euclid Space Telescope”, by Will Sullivan

Der Spiegel (in German, 2023-08-01): “Testbilder versprechen »verlockende Einblicke« in ferne Galaxien”, from agency


El Pais (in Spanish, 2023-07-03): “Despega con éxito ‘Euclid’, el telescopio espacial europeo que abrirá una ventana al universo oscuro”, by Belén Yu Irureta-Goyena

BBC (2023-07-02): “Euclid: Europe’s ‘dark explorer’ telescope launches”, by Jonathan Amos

Sky & Telescope (2023-07-01): “Euclid Space Telescope Launches to Explore Dark Energy, Dark Matter”, by David Dickinson

Ars Technica (2023-07-01): “SpaceX launches groundbreaking European dark energy mission”, by Stephen Clark

NasaSpaceFlight (2023-07-01): “SpaceX launches ESA’s Euclid Telescope to explore the dark universe”, by Alejandro Alcantarilla Romera

Spektrum (in German, 2023-07-01): “Euclid ist erfolgreich ins dunkle Universum gestartet”, by Katharina Menne

CNN (2023-07-01): “The Dark Universe Is Waiting. What Will the Euclid Telescope Reveal?”, by Ashley Strickland

La Repubblica (in Italian, 2023-07-01): “Euclid è decollato, il telescopio europeo in missione per svelare i segreti di energia e materia oscura”, by Marini Matteo

Die Zeit (in German, 2023-07-01): “Esa-Sonde Euclid soll Dunkle Materie im All erforschen”, by Melina Crispin

EFE (in Spanish, 2023-07-01): “La misión espacial Euclid: el hallazgo más emocionante es el que no se espera” by Noemí G. Gómez

New York Times (2023-07-01): “The Dark Universe Is Waiting. What Will the Euclid Telescope Reveal?”, by Katrina Miller

Semana (in Spanish, 2023-07-01): “Ya está en el espacio el telescopio Euclid, con el cual se pretende iluminar el lado oscuro del universo”

El Mundo (in Spanish, 2023-07-01): “Despega con éxito el telescopio Euclid para investigar el universo oscuro: ‘Va a ayudarnos a responder una de las preguntas más fascinantes de la ciencia moderna, by Teresa Guerrero

Le Monde (in French, 2023-07-01): “Départ réussi pour Euclid, la mission spatiale qui doit percer deux des plus grands mystères de l’Univers”, by Pierre Barthélémy


The Telegraph (2023-07-01): “No simple matter: the giant Euclid telescope mission could find missing part of universe”, by Sarah Knapton (2023-06-30): “Who is the Euclid ‘dark universe’ space telescope named after?”, by Keith Cooper

Scientific American (2023-06-30): “Europe’s Euclid Space Telescope Is Launching a New Era in Studies of the ‘Dark Universe’”, by Jonathan O’Callaghan

Nature (2023-06-30): “Euclid launch: dark-energy mapper poised to probe cosmic mysteries”, by Davide Castelvecchi

WIRED (2023-06-30): “Here Comes Euclid, the Telescope That Will Search for Dark Energy”, by Ramin Skibba

Deutsche Welle (2023-06-29): “The Euclid telescope: On the trail of dark energy and matter”, by Esteban Pardo

Radio France Internationale Podcast (in French, 2023-06-29): “Jusqu’où nous entraînera la vertigineuse mission Euclid?”, Caroline Lachowsky speaking to Nabila Aghanim and Yannick Mellier

The Guardian Podcast (2023-06-29): “Euclid: will the mission uncover the secrets of dark matter and dark energy?”, Ian Sample speaking to Andrew Pontzen

Spektrum (in German, 2023-06-28): “Der Mann, der Licht ins dunkle Universum bringen will”, by Katharina Menne

BBC Sky at Night Magazine (2023-06-22): “Euclid: A new mission to study the dark Universe launches in July”, by Govert Schilling

Science (Vol. 380, Issue 6651, 2023-06-22): “Into the dark”, by Daniel Clery

The Guardian (2023-06-18): “Scientists hope Euclid telescope will reveal mysteries of dark matter”, by Robin McKie

Forbes (2023-06-18): “ESA Euclid Space Telescope Aims To Crack The Code On The Dark Universe”, by Bruce Dorminey

The Conversation (2023-05-05): “The Euclid spacecraft will transform how we view the ‘dark universe’”, by Robert Nichol (2023-02-13): “Euclid mission: ESA’s hunt for dark matter and dark energy”, by Keith Cooper/Elizabeth Howell


Launch Pad Astronomy, 2023-08-24
ARTE (French), 2023-08-11
ARTE (German), 2023-08-11
Al Jazeera English, 2023-07-04
Space Mog (Dr. Maggie Lieu), 2023-06-25
Dr. Becky (Dr. Becky Smethurst), 2023-06-22

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