The Euclid Consortium STAR Prize

The Euclid Special Talent And Recognition (STAR) Prize is a prize to acknowledge work done within the Euclid Consortium in different areas of activity. It was established in 2017, and every year prizes are awarded to nominees in different categories by the Euclid STAR Prize Committee. Nominations are accepted and encouraged from any Euclid Consortium member, excluding self-nominations.

The Euclid Consortium is made up of approximately 1500 active participants so recognition with a STAR prize is a notable achievement. The names of the past winners and the prize motivations can be found at the links below, attesting their special contribution to the collaboration.

There are eight categories that the Euclid Consortium members can use to nominate their colleagues and collaborators:

  • Student – For postgraduate students working towards their Ph.D. or who have received the Ph.D. during the year before the award ceremony.
  • Junior engineer – For members contributing to software or technological development with less than seven years of working experience.
  • Junior scientist – For members contributing as scientists with less than seven years of postdoctoral experience.
  • Leadership and coordination – For members at any career stage contributing with the management of a task or a team.
  • Senior – For members with more than seven years of working or postdoctoral experience, contributing as scientists or engineers.
  • Team – For groups of more than two people contributing in any Euclid area.
  • Instrument – For individuals or small groups, contributing to the development or integration of an instrument component.
  • IDEA – First established in 2023, for individuals or small groups contributing to improve the climate of the consortium in one or more of the areas of Inclusivity, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility beyond their assigned professional roles.
STAR Prize categories 2023
STAR Prize categories 2023
STAR Prize timeline in 2023

The Euclid STAR prize committee:

Micol Bolzonella (chair), Hervé Aussel, Santiago Avila, Karina Caputi, Ranga-Ram Chary, Mathilde Jauzac, Minju Lee, Francesca Lepori, Mischa Schirmer, Gemma Testera, Isaac Tutusaus, and Rees Williams.

Former members of the committee:

Viola Allevato, Francisco Castander, Gianluca Castignani, Christopher Conselice, Mark Cropper, Sven De Rijcke, Anna Di Giorgio, Anne Ealet, Bianca Garilli, Pascale Jablonka, Tom Kitching, Hannu Kurki-Suonio, Dida Markovic, Nicolas Martinet, Dan Masters, James Nightingale, Stéphane Paltani, Will Percival, Valeria Pettorino, Sabrina Pottinger, Jason D. Rhodes, Marc Sauvage, Patrick Simon, Daniel Stern, Stephanie Wachter, Lingyu Wang, Hans Arnold Winther, and Julien Zoubian.

Permanent members:

Euclid Consortium Lead & Deputy: Yannick Mellier and Francis Bernardeau

Collage of pictures from past editions of the Euclid STAR prizes.
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