List of EC Founders

Founders include past or present members with substantial positive contributions critical to the Euclid mission during the selection period (2007 to mid-2011). The list of Euclid Founders is decided by the Euclid Consortium Board.

Examples of relevant contributions were:

  • A significant role in the initial Proposal (Sep 2007), phase A proposal (mid-2008); Yellow Book (Q4, 2009), phase A-1 down-selection (end 2009), IPRR review (mid-2011), Red Book (Q2 2011), Selection (Q3 2011);
  • A significant role in securing of national funding prior to mid-2011;
  • A significant role in proving critical project management and engineering inputs;
  • A significant scientific leadership which was essential to get the mission selected.

All EC Founders have the right to sign all papers published by the Euclid Consortium. They also include the publications of the Euclid Collaboration (EC, ESA, Industry) as well as joint co-publications EC-international collaboration.

Surname Name Country of current affiliation (Apr 2020)
Aghanim Nabila FR
Amara Adam UK
Amendola Luca DE
Amiaux Jerome FR
Auguere Jean-Louis FR
Bender Ralf DE
Brinchmann Jarle PT
Capak Peter US
Castander Francisco ES
Cimatti Andrea IT
Cledassou Rodolphe FR
Cole Richard UK
Cropper Mark UK
Di Giorgio Anna Maria IT
Ealet Anne FR
Garilli Bianca IT
Grupp Frank DE
Guzzo Luigi IT
Hoekstra Henk NL
Holmes Rory INDUSTRY
Jahnke Knud DE
Kitching Thomas UK
Kuijken Konrad NL
Kunz Martin CH
Lahav Ofer UK
Le Fevre Olivier FR
Lilje Per NO
Maciaszek Thierry FR
Massey Richard UK
Mellier Yannick FR
Meneghetti Massimo IT
Meylan Georges CH
Miller Lance UK
Moscardini Lauro IT
Nichol Robert UK
Paltani Stephane CH
Pasian Fabio IT
Peacock John UK
Percival Will CA
Prieto Eric FR
Rebolo Rafael ES
Refregier Alexandre CH
Rhodes Jason US
Rix Hans-Walter DE
Rottgering Huub NL
Saglia Roberto DE
Scaramella Roberto IT
Schneider Peter DE
Schweitzer Mario INDUSTRY
Scodeggio Marco IT
Taylor Andy UK
Valentijn Edwin NL
Valenziano Luca IT
Wang Yun US
Weller Jochen DE
Zamorani Giovanni IT
Zerbi Filippo Maria IT

Last update : Jun 22, 2020