The Euclid Consortium delivers the Visible and Near Infrared instruments to ESA

The quest for dark energy by the Euclid mission enters in a new phase of preparation after the delivery of the two scientific instruments to ESA. The VISible camera (VIS) and the Near Infrared Spectrometer and Photometer (NISP) built under the responsibility of the Euclid Consortium have been delivered and shiped to Airbus Defence and Space in Toulouse for their assembly on the Payload Module prior to be sent to Thales Alenia Space Italy in Torino for the integration in the satellite.

Our warm thanks and congratulations to the VIS and NISP teams, to ESA and to everyone in agencies, laboratories and industries who helped to reach this major milestone.

ESA and the Euclid Consortium marked this landmark event by publishing jointly three press releases:

2020-07-09 EC news VIS PR
2020-07-09 EC news NISP PR
2020-07-09 ESA news ESA PR

The Euclid Mission is a joint effort of ESA and the Euclid Consortium, an international collaboration of 16 countries, more than 250 laboratorie and more than 1500 scientists, working together on the design, development, operation, data processing and scientific analysis of the ESA Euclid space telecope.┬áIl will be launched in 2022 from the Kourou space port in French Guiana for a 6-years mission to observe the evolution of the dark matter and the galaxy 3D distributions in the Universe over the last 10 billion-years.  

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Last update: Jul 10, 2020