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Universita Statale, Milano

Galaxy Clustering Science Working Group meeting

Euclid Consortium Galaxy Clustering Science Working Group meeting, Milan, February 2023

Authors: L. Guzzo, W. Percival & Y. Wang (GC-SWG leads)

Introduction & motivation

During the week of February 20-24, a meeting dedicated to the Galaxy Clustering (GC) measurements to be made by Euclid was held at the “Universitá Statale”, in Milan. This was the first in-person meeting focussed on galaxy clustering after 3 years of the pandemic break, and gathered together all units constituting the spectroscopic pipeline of Euclid, from the raw data to the cosmological parameter measurements. Participation was strong, with 90 people attending in person and an average of 20 connected remotely. Having an in-person joint meeting bringing together all steps along the data analysis chain, was a natural extension of the series of online meetings, which are now held every 2 weeks, bringing together managers and key personnel for the GC pipeline. There was much to review and to plan for, following a busy 2022, which included the Mission Key Point (MKP) review, and a focussed meeting on Observational Systematics organised at IFPU in Trieste.

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Euclid Consortium Information and Communication Management

A deep and honest view on the Euclid Consortium Information and Communication Management

Dida Markovic (lead of the EC information and communication management group), May 2023

It was 2019 and I had just moved from the UK to the US to take up a position at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Working for the US government required me to work on a clean, secure new machine. As far as my work on Euclid went, this meant two things: starting my telecons at 7 am (due to being 9 hours behind on Pacific Time), and finding all the portals and pages again: all new bookmarks, all new logins. I started collecting all the URLs, logins and idiosyncrasies in one document. And as that document grew and grew, I started getting frustrated and vented to my project boss. At the same time, the world got hit by the Covid-19 pandemic and we all worked remotely. Everyone in the EC started relying on our pages and portals even more, in order to keep working together, to keep building Euclid, and preparing for data analysis. Because my project boss happens to sit on the Euclid Consortium Board (ECB), he asked me to prepare a presentation about the Euclid pages and portals for the ECB, because they were now more important than ever for the success and the timely execution of the mission. So I got up at 6 am on the 22nd of April 2020 and talked to the board (EC members can find my original slides on the Redmine).

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Description of the Euclid spacecraft launcher

Euclid is launching in a SpaceX Falcon 9

Giuseppe Racca (ESA Project Manager), March 2023

In December 2022, following an intense feasibility study, we kicked off a Launch Service contract with SpaceX. The vehicle that will bring Euclid in a transfer trajectory to the L2 halo orbit is Falcon 9 from Cape Canaveral launch pad 39A or SLC-40. 

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