Euclid Consortium “Help Wanted” Board

Euclid Help Wanted Board

Dida Markovic (lead of the EC information and communication management group), May 2023

Quick link to the board:

Description of the goal

The Euclid Help Wanted Board is a posting board created for groups in the Euclid Consortium (EC) to request help on specific tasks from other members of the EC.  It was defined in such a way to allow EC members to understand better how they could contribute to an EC project. From the Euclid Redmine home page, a link leads you to the Euclid Help Wanted Board. In fact, what we now call the Euclid “Help Wanted Board” is a particular view of Redmine issues ( that displays posts from EC groups that need help from other EC members on certain well-defined tasks. These posts go through a strictly defined approval process (described on the Wiki page:, and they offer reciprocity for your labour. They have nothing to do with employment. The main purpose of the Help Wanted Board is to get members who’d like to engage in Euclid to help those that need help the most. For answering a “Help Ad”, you will be rewarded with FTE towards higher publication rights, and points in your application for Builder status, extended data rights, co-authorship on papers, and other potential rewards. Here’s a quote for you:

“The Euclid [Help Wanted Board] is a great way to get involved with the Euclid Science Ground Segment (SGS). The SGS is at core of the Euclid data processing, developing and implementing advanced methods to meet Euclid’s stringent requirements. As part of the SGS you will have privileged access to the raw and processed Euclid data products and the its Science Data Centres, and through the [Help Wanted Board] you can have a focussed project to work on with real impact on the success of Euclid. It’s a great opportunity for all researchers to gain new skills and widen their research profile.

Andy Taylor (Lead of OU-SHE and UK-SGS)

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